Three Mistakes That Most People Make While Practicing Their Presentations

Three Mistakes That Most People Make While Practicing Their Presentations

Today we are talking about How not to practice a presentation.

More specifically, we're speaking about three mistakes that most people make while practicing their presentations.

And if you don’t know the mistakes and if you don’t avoid the mistakes you will be average and you don’t want that.

So avoid the mistakes that I will actually list out in next one minute.


Mistake #1: Practice A Lot, A Lot, A Lot

This is one advice that many people give you, just practice.

And maybe you have done that, you have practiced a lot with a script in your hand but it has not produced results for you. Why?

Because think about it, If I give your son a mathematical problem without teaching him a formula, he can be the smartest kid in the world but if he doesn’t have access to the formula he can never solve the mathematical problem. Why?

Because he doesn’t know the formula.

In the same way if you don’t have the right formula just practicing a lot is not going to help you, so practice with the right formula.

That’s the right thing to do.

Don’t just practice a lot, practice with the right formula.


Mistake #2: Practice in Front of The Mirror A Lot

And here what happens, when you stand in front of a mirror and practicing.

Guess what, you are looking at yourself and that’s why you become much more self-conscious. You look at yourself, your hands, chest.

You are less focusing on your presentation and more focused on your body and that’s a problem.

So don’t practice in front of the mirror.


Mistake #3: Thinking "..If the audience likes me that’s it.."

Most people think: "just if my audience just claps that’s it. I don’t need to improve anymore."

NO, you are always a work in progress that’s what you are.

So whether they like you or don’t like you, you always want to improve, you always want to go to the next level.

So don’t make the mistake of just thinking if my audience likes me “I am done” or “I am good forever”.

You are not good forever, Rory Vaden one of my mentor said “Success is never owned it's rented and the rent is due every single day”.

So make sure you pay the rent by practicing the right way every single day and by avoiding these 3 mistakes so that you can become an absolutely amazing and influential speaker.


Here are the 3 mistakes again.

Mistake #1: Practicing a lot without the right formula

Mistake #2: Practicing in Front of The Mirror

Mistake #3: Thinking "..If The Audience Likes Me, That’s It..."


Avoid these 3 mistakes and you will be one of the top speakers in your company and probably in the entire industry and that’s what I hope for you.

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