How to Become a Confident Speaker by using SUCCESS STATE | Practical Public Speaking Bangalore

How to Become a Confident Speaker by using SUCCESS STATE | Practical Public Speaking Bangalore



One of the quickest ways to overcome your stage fear and become a confident speaker is to get into what I call "SUCCESS STATE" before your presentation starts.

Before your presentation starts, generally a lot of thoughts & ideas go on inside your head. Yes?

And most of them are doubtful thoughts. "Can I really do it?" "It's hard."

The way to overcome them is to get into "SUCCESS STATE."

Imagine an athlete.

Imagine he's ready to perform.

Imagine he's feeling TOTALLY CONFIDENT.

How would be his BODY LANGUAGE?

He would stand straight.

Chest up.

Long breaths.

Laser focus in eyes.

Hunger on face.


You do the same.

Here's why: When you model the BEST BEHAVIORS in the world, you get the BEST RESULTS in the world.

So the next time you have a presentations, take a few minutes out beore it starts, and stand in the position of an athlete.

By the way, don't do that practice on stage in front of everyone. HAHA.

Do it in the backstage. And feel the difference.

QUESTION FOR YOU: What do you currently do before a presentation to get into your "SUCCESS STATE"?

NEXT STEP FOR YOU: Reach out to us for help, and let’s have a conversation about the challenges you’re struggling with, and how you can become a CONFIDENT SPEAKER in next few weeks.


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