This is The Biggest Mistake People Make in Spontaneous Speaking | Public Speaking Course in Bangalore

This is The Biggest Mistake People Make in Spontaneous Speaking | Public Speaking Course in Bangalore



Hey this is Bishal Sarkar, your practical public speaking mentor, best-selling author of the book “I love Public Speaking” and also creator of “Rock The Stage “which is the #1 most practical public speaking course in Bangalore for subject matter experts in public speaking.


And the biggest mistake most people make when speaking impromptu or spontaneously is that they start speaking too fast.


That’s right, they start speaking too fast, they become nervous, they have that sense of tension that you can feel in their facial expressions at that time.


If you want that, any time just ask somebody about their age or ask them how much money you make and see the kind of tension they have immediately and they start speaking so fast.



That’s what happens for most people when an impromptu question is asked to them or they forget their points, they start speaking fast.


So the way to overcome that is: self-control.


Next time you forget a point, next time somebody asks a question, instead of just trying to answer on the spot as fast as possible, stop and smile answer pause smile answer, do a little bit of facial expression because that gives an impression to the audience that you are confident about what you’re saying.

That gives an impression to the audience that you are experienced about what you are talking about.

That gives an impression to the audience that they can trust you as a thought leader and an expert, as an influential leader, as an magnetic influence now.


And if you want that to happen make sure you speak slowly doing impromptu speaking and spontaneous speaking and everything will transform for you.


I wish you all the best.


If you want to be great spontaneous speaking expert make sure you reach out to us and let’s have a conversation.


We have a public speaking diagnosis that we do to make sure we are prescribing the right solution and the right course to you.


My name is Bishal Sarkar, always reminding you that:


“Public speaking is not about perfection, it’s all about connection.”


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