Public Speaking Training in Bangalore

"Mr. Bishal has Created The Most Practical Public Speaking Course in Bangalore" - Surya Gowda, Senior Manager, Microsoft, Bangalore


Imagine being in front an audience in your office.

You know your subject very well. You prapared a lot. You really WANT TOperform well, and you want get the appreciation of the audience in your office.

But when you start your presentation, you suddenly get stage fear. You startsweating badly
Your legs start shaking
You forget your points out of the nervousness.
And you start looking stupid though you have YEARS of knowledge & experience (oooops!)

Are you currently facing any of these problems?

Doesn't it frustrate you?

Do you feel like you've tried everything, but you're FINALLY looking for the RIGHT MENTOR?

And that's why you are looking for the best and most practical public speaking course in Bangalore, right?

Well, let me tell you that you are at the right place. I'm Bishal Sarkar, and what most people know about me is that I am the highest paid professional public speaker in India and India's Public Speaking Expert, I am the author of "I Love Public Speaking", and also I am the only person in India who has appeared on Conscious Millionaire (United States of America). But what most people don't know about me is that I struggled in my life for a long time with Public Speaking & Confidence issues.

Just like you, even I have challenges. Family challenges. Time challenges. Energy challenges.

One of the challenges that I had many years ago was Public Speaking. You may know that I struggled to find the right and best Practical Public Speaking Training Course in Bangalore, for a long time. Almost all the courses I went to were theory-based, and were taught by some weird-looking old people who had backdated knowledge.


Today you have EXACTLY 7 seconds to make a first impression. And most of the trainers who are teaching public speaking in Bangalore are not even interesting. They themselves are boring. You tell me, isn't this THE TRUTH? So, many people waste money and time going to the wrong Public Speaking Classes in Bangalore, and then come back to us begging for some personal guidance for becoming a CONFIDENT SPEAKER.

And that's the reason we take limited amount of Corporate professionals (IT Professionals, Project Managers, Subject Matter Experts etc.) and work with them on a deep basis, so they become SUPER-CONFIDENT Speaker for the rest of their careers & lives in the MOST PRACTICAL WAY.

Our courses are NOT for everyone. We're very selective about who we decide to help through our programs.

So, what are the main things you learn at "Rock The Stage: Ultimate Formula Experience" (the most advanced public speaking course in Bangalore):

 Boost your CONFIDENCE as a speaker by learning the step-by-step methods of overcoming fear of public speaking

 Establish yourself as an authority during your presentations, by learning how to structure your presentation using my FAMOUS FIVE-STEP C.A.R.T.S recipe

 Showcase your knowledge using the "public speaking FORMULA" in a confident way by leaning how to use Body language as a tool to influence people, subtly and powerfully

 Build trust and credibility with your audience, without sounding like a beginner

 Connect with your audience and create a lifetime reputation for yourself

 Generate bigger income (when you present better, you get ADVANCEMENT in your career, which means better salary package) by using Public Speaking FORMULA as a secret tool

 Enjoy the kind of reputation that HIGH PROFILE CEOs/MANAGERS/IT Professionals have...because you deserve it!

Do you want to ENJOY these next 25-27 days? 


I know that you're EXCITED about joining the MOST PRACTICAL PUBLIC SPEAKING COURSE in Bangalore, but there's a small step before that.

Like I had mentioned earlier, our course we do in Bangalore is not for eveyone. We have thousands of people from Bangalore (just like you) who apply for our public speaking course every month. We only give the chance to the people who get selected for our course via our "SELECTION PROCESS."

We are happy to see if you can get selected for the most practical public speaking course in Bangalore. Just click here and apply for a FREE Public Speaking Assessment, and one of my team members will call you and walk you through the whole process. If you get selected, I will personally help you become a CONFIDENT SPEAKER. If we don't select you, we will recommend you some other people in Bangalore who may be able to help you in your situation.

BOTTOM LINE IS: If we select you, you WILL see RESULTS in next 25-27 days, GUARANTEED!

How can we make such a BOLD GUARANTEE, you may ask.

It's SIMPLE! We have got people results! People who have commitment and sincerity are the people who MOVE FORWARD in life. Rest just stay average.

So we know IF you get selected, you WILL GET RESULTS. Period.

NOTE: Our Public Speaking Course in Bangalore is the right one for you ONLY IF you're a subject matter expert. We don't help people with less than AT LEAST 7-8 years of work experience. 

Click here and ask for a FREE Public Speaking Assessment.

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